Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pre Valentine's Day

Wow, am I lucky. Tonight, T took over the kitchen to make me a special Valentine's Day dinner all from the book Vegan Italiano. What a nice change of pace to be able to lazy around until dinner was ready! I did keep offering to help, but was rejected each time. I think part of my food "snobbery" is that I get nervous when others cook for me, even when it is people I trust. Anyway, everything was so delicious, and even better, we have tons of leftovers.

We started with potato and onion focaccia bread.

Next was tomato florentine soup.

Followed by roasted veggies over thyme polenta.

 And finally Sicilian orange salad. 

Yumm. I feel loved. And, quite full. 

Happy V Day!

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