Friday, April 1, 2011

Strawberry Milk

When I was a kid I used to get strawberry milk mix as a "treat" sometimes. Recently I was thinking about it, and about how much I really did love it. I had picked up some dried strawberries and was thinking I could make some strawberry milk of my own.

So I took these strawberries, 

and turned them into this powder. 

Then, just like I used to mix my sugary strawberry powder into milk, 
I mixed the powder with soy milk and got... this mess. Yuck. 


So I had an idea, and blended the mixture in the blender. 
It turned into this pink drink, which looks kinda delicious. 

But without the added sugar and crap, 
it does not taste like my beloved strawberry milk.
In fact it doesn't even taste good. Bleh.

April Fools to me :o(


Jared said...

it sounds like your intentions were spot-on! sorry it didn't quite work out. i used to enjoy strawberry milk too, hopefully you aren't too deterred from making it happen!

Danielle said...

I definitely plan to re-visit this idea sometime in the near future. I will have strawberry milk! I will!

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