Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up Type Thingy

Ok, so I know it's technically already a new week. But we are straggling along here with this three day weekend, which is not a bad thing. I've been quite sick the entire week (again) but managed to mostly stick to the menu. Let's review...

Sunday- Dinner out- two dear friends cooked us a delicious Indian inspired meal. I only wish I had taken some leftovers home.

Monday- Since T made sauce on Sunday (just for fun) I strayed away from the menu, the smell of tomatoey goodness just really got to me. We had "chicken cutlet parmesan" with linguine. I used Gardein's Tuscan Breasts, covered with homemade sauce, topped with mozzarella Daiya, and baked until the mozz was nice and melty, about 20 minutes. I rarely use fake meat type products, but we had these on hand and it made for an excellent use of the sauce.

Tuesday- Italian Wedding Soup- It was the perfect night for soup, and even though my homemade meatballs disintegrated when they were dropped in, it was still delicious. Highly recommended.

Wednesday-Teriyaki Stir Fry- Ok, the stir fry part of this is basically my signature dish, yet somehow it went terribly, terribly wrong. I used waaaaaaaay too much Bragg's and ginger when making the stir fry so we were left with an immediate feeling of intense heartburn after a few bites. Honestly, we tossed the leftovers, it was that bad. Luckily I know what I did wrong, and will fix it for next time. Stay tuned...

Thursday- Curried Potatoes- Quite successful. Quick, easy and really tasty. So good that we decided to eat the leftovers on Friday night.
Thus completing the "planned" week. I did manage to get my pasta with red onion and kale in on Saturday. In all, I think we did pretty well.

This week is much easier, being a 4 day work week. Sunday began with what else, but pasta. Tonight will be the famous Mac n' Cheese bites from Your Vegan Mom (see here) along with Gardein's Seven Grain Crispy Tenders. (I know, I know. I said I don't use this stuff and here it is again. Just bear with me.)
The remainder of the week consists of French Onion Soup, Chili and Lasagna Stoup (more on this later).

What I am really excited about this week is my brand new Crock Pot! I cannot wait to put it to good use.  I think I'll mostly be making the dog's food in it, but will certainly use it to make oats for the morning (with no rushing!) I'm still looking into other crock pot ideas, so if you have any pass them my way please!

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