Friday, September 2, 2011

Vida Vegan Con 2011 - Portland, OR

I have been staring at a blank blog post for much too long now. As I'm mulling over all the fantastical things that made the first ever Vegan bloggers conference amazing, I've been finding it difficult to even get any words out about it. Let's just start at the beginning, shall we?

For me it actually began sometime in December or January, I was having a particularly unenjoyable day. As I sat at my desk at work I began searching... typing in "vegan conference" just out of curiosity. What do I see but a link to Vida Vegan Con. My first thought is "Oh my god, it actually does exist!" I bought my ticket, and waited for August to arrive.

As details emerged I could only imagine what a weekend surrounded by all amazing people and all things vegan would be like. Turns out I wasn't nearly prepared for just how breath taking and perhaps life changing this conference was going to be...

My special parting gift to myself.

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