Friday, September 16, 2011

Kitchen Blunders & Mishaps

In the last two days I have managed make many small(ish) mistakes in the kitchen. It all started yesterday when I left the oil out of my little coffee cakes...

Today I was extra vigilant to make sure I didn't make any silly mistakes. Hah! (At least I can laugh at myself, right?)

My day started off with a pie crust. I first added the flour and salt and then proceeded to add 1 1/2 cups of sugar. What?! With 1 cup of sugar already in the processor I thought, "Gee, that seems like too much." So I went back to check and realized in my hurry to scribble amounts on my paper I wrote "c" instead of "t". Welllllll damn it.
I did manage to save some of the sugar and some of the flour. I dumped the rest and started over.

Ok, the pies were saved, but not before I dropped the dough on the floor. Luckily most of it was covered in plastic wrap. Then finally (and after I forgot to sugar the tops, oops!) they were safe and sound in the oven. Leave it to me at the end to set the timer for 5 hours instead of the 5 extra minutes they needed. Sheesh.

All while the pies were being tortured I managed to not only squirt lemon juice in my eye, but also Dr. Bronner's lemon citrus soap, in the same eye!

Later in the day I forgot to turn off the slow cooker and over cooked my chickpeas to oblivion, at the same time I was pouring tofu water all over the stove while (attempting to) make a tofu scramble.

Ok, clearly I'm just ranting... and venting... and run-on sentencing. But after all these kitchen shenanigans I got to wondering, and I want to know: What are your kitchen blunders, mistakes and mishaps? Really, I'm curious. Have you had one day where everything just went wrong? Or do you have just one knock down, drag out kitchen blunder of all time? Lay 'em on me people!

As for me... perhaps keep me away from breakable things and sharp objects. I think it'll be take-out this weekend until I get my sea legs back.

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