Friday, December 17, 2010


Tonight was one of those nights where I get home from work, get busy doing mundane things, and then BAM! I'm starving. I wanted noodles, and I wanted them now. Luckily, last night I stumbled upon a great post showcasing noodles on house vegan.

Here's what mine looked like (in bad lighting).
I've been craving the Garlic Teriyaki Noodles (snack #5) since last night. Instead of a snack portion, I bumped up the volume to make it a full dinner. I used 1lb. of whole grain linguine and made my own teriyaki by simmering Braggs and a little sugar until it thickened up a bit. For an extra kick I added a dash of ground ginger. Other than that I followed the original directions. I think next time I'll toss in some broccolini or maybe even some fresh baby spinach. Tofu? The possibilities are endless.
What I loved about this meal is that it was super quick, required few ingredients (things I always have on hand) and satisfied my need for noodles in no time.

I suggest you try it out, it is delish! Thanks house vegan! 


GaryC said...

I'm trying this for my next "noodle fix". Thanks!

The House Vegan said...

Thank you so much for the shout out! These noodles are off the hook and so easy. I love adding mushrooms to make it a meal. Mmm

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