Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Well by now you know I moved to NYC. Yay!

Back a few months ago we were visiting NY and had our own veg restaurant crawl which ended in an all out schmorgasboard! Mind you, at this point we didn't even know we were moving!

So here is my very, very delayed post on our NYC eating experience, surely with many more to come. (Edit: I'm practically at Curly's everyday.)
It all started at Franchia.

This was just a quick stop for lunch before we went to the Affordable Art Fair (which was fantastic as well.) We started with tea, iced ginseng for me, and iced pomegranate for T. 

Accompanied by a plate of assorted (fried) dumplings. Then for T was a a platter of sushi containing the mountain greens and roots roll and the California roll.

 I had the pumpkin noodles salad, which may be the best salad I've ever eaten. Seriously, I've not only pondered for hours how they make these pumpkin noodles, but also have had dreams about this salad! I also had a hand roll, the crispy tofu skin in teriyaki sauce. Wow, I love this place. Needless to say, we left pretty full.

The next day we got a little indulgent...

Angelica Kitchen was supposed to be a small lunch. Well... our small lunch was made up by the Agrarian Salgado as a starter as well as the famous Angelica cornbread. Then I had the Tempeh Reuben Sandwich and T had a salad... which one I can't quite remember/figure out but it was loaded with beets, lentils, onions, tomatoes (I think) and lord knows what else. It was huge. Everything was delicious, and when it was all done, I had to be rolled out the door.

 We strolled around a little, at least I think we did. I may have been in a food coma...
Anyway, dinner was very exciting. We had reservations at Pure Food & Wine. Oh my gawd, it's exciting even just thinking about it...

We sat in the garden and it could not have been more perfect. After tons of debating we decided on the tasting menu. I just wanted everything on the menu, and well, this was the closest I was going to get in one sitting.

Let me tell you... so worth it!

Unfortunately I wasn't able to take any photos of the food because the sun went down and the lighting was too dim. Plus at least half way through I couldn't even think about anything except what was coming out next. I did, however, manage to scribble what each dish was onto a random receipt that I found in my purse. Let's hope I can still read all this chicken scratch, here it goes...

-Heirloom tomato & fennel salad w/ honeydew vinagrette & cashew cheese
-Spinach strawberry salad w/ pistachios
-Portabella crostini
-Kabocha squash soup w/ maple burbon syrup & clove oil
-Pad thai kelp noodles w/ peanuts & cilantro
-Avocado asparagus rolls w/ wasabi aioli, fresh ginger
-Spanikopita w/ cauliflower, grapes
-Vegetable lasagna w/ zucchini & heirloom tomato & macadamia pumpkin seed ricotta, sundried tomato ricotta & spinach ricotta
-Orange limonata sorbet
-Lemon cheesecake w/ strawberry rhubarb sorbet
-Trio of dark chocolate

This was easily the best meal I have ever had in my entire life. Nevermind the fact that I had to be wheeled out in a gurney because I was so full that I could not even stand on my own two feet. Ok, well maybe that didn't actually happen, but trust me, we could both barely walk.

Please, please do me a favor and the next time you have something to celebrate with someone special, take them to Pure Food & Wine, sit outside and get the tasting menu. Trust me!


JL goes Vegan said...

Mmmm, some of my favorites! I agree, PURE is not to be missed! And Franchia is a great place to take omni friends (with all the mock meat) Have you been to Hangawi? (Same owners as Franchia.) Vegan Korean...run, don't walk! :)

Danielle said...

I have not been to Hangawi, but it is on the list!

Jennifer said...

Ah, pure BLISS! One day I would love to visit some of these incredible veg restaurants. Everything looks and sounds delicious!!

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